Rev. Frank McSwain was an important part of our community. There is no shortage of stories about the many positive interactions he had with those he encountered, counseled, and supported. 

He touched many people’s lives—some of their stories you may have heard; others will be told over time, for years to come. And some stories may not mention his name directly, but we all know that he connected with countless individuals throughout his life. Many of these people benefited greatly from the empathy and encouragement he promoted through his work at the Family Community Resource Center.

Rev. McSwain founded the non-profit organization, FCRC, in 2004. His goal was to work directly with families in crisis, and to help preserve the essence of family structure whenever possible. He was particularly concerned about children who were pulled apart from their parents, and how this separation would affect their developmental, emotional, and educational growth.

One person cannot do it all, and no one knew this better than Rev. McSwain. So he built a team at FCRC that shared his sense of compassion, and who understood the importance of preserving the structural integrity of the families they encountered.

Because of Rev. McSwain’s compassion for all people and his commitment to our community, we have built a respected agency that has helped thousands of individuals improve their lives, and FCRC will continue his work to better hundreds, thousands—as many as it takes—more.